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Travel light
Most low cost Transport Companies charge you for taking your baggage. So to save time and money, carry few items with you as possible and put all in a secure bag that meets the size and weight requirements for hand held baggage.

Learning the local lingo
To save a little time try and learn the basics of the local language, i.e. hello, thank you, good bye etc. The English language is pretty much spoken no matter where you travel.

Plan your trip
You can never been too organized when it involves you visiting a foreign country for the first time. Donít plan every single minute, of every single day, but try and think of the attractions you really want to see and then make a note of their location and how to get there. Plan your trip and you will save tons of time, believe me.

Use your hotel
Your hotel should have plenty of literature for the local attractions, and hopefully if you find a hotel with friendly staff, they will be able to help you with directions and reviews of local restaurants and bars. Donít be afraid to ask questions, thatís what they are there for. Our Hotel; Ohonba Royal Hotels and Suites provide these services.
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